Airria is specialized in the design and production of double flux decentralized ventilation systems with heat recuperation, made for buildings. Created in 2008, Airria is located in Wallonia. The advances accomplished are the result of a close collaboration with its different high-tech partners, each with their own special know-how, which was then integrated in our ventilation units.

Depending on the season, these units preheat or cool the outside air before blowing it inside.

The Airria ventilation ensures a high level of comfort and well-being. Additionally, thanks to its high performance heat exchanger, 70 to 90% of your internal heat is maintained. By recuperating the waste air, the heat exchanger allows you to:

  • – Improve the occupant’s comfort and well-being;
  • – Save energy;
  • – Protect the building.

The Airria team designs ventilation systems that can be integrated in:

  • – Windows and shutters;
  • – Heating units;
  • – Lintels and other structural elements;
  • – Insulation components.


Luc Prieels

Jonathan Martens
R&D engineer

Other partners

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