AllPlan GmbH

Allplan GmbH is an IT company of the Nemetschek AG with headquarters in Munich and the owner of the Nemetschek Slovensko Development Center. It is one of the leading vendors of BIM CAD software for the design, construction and management of buildings: more than 400 employees in nine countries, including software engineers, architects, designers and facility managers, ensure that the entire building construction process is optimized, in terms of quality, time and costs. The object-oriented software is currently used in 18 languages around the world. With almost 50 year’s experience in the area of CAD, Allplan GmbH is a driving force in the AEC industry.

The specific skills of Allplan GmbH are advanced software solutions in Architecture/Engineering and Facility Management,  computer graphics, engineering computation, database systems, cloud and web services and applications for mobile devices, and have great experience in developing integrated BIM tools for the AEC industry.


Carl-Heinz Oberender
Chief Product Manager BIM Web and Cloud 
Raimund Michael Zellner
Manager Third Party and Research, BIM Expert

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