Pinerolo, Italy


Via Cittadella 19 Pinerolo ( TO ). The building is a multifamily house with 10 dwellings. The dwellings have different sizes, between 50 m² and 150 m² and are distributed in 1 staircases on 4 floors. The building is located near the city center on the hill of Pinerolo.


The building has a reinforced concrete structure with non-bearing brick walls and flat concrete roof. Single-pane glass windows are installed. The building was constructed in 1965 and is owned by Eneralliaudi S.r.l. .


Monthly average temperature is 2.1°C in January and 21.3°C in August.

H&C facts

Single electric heaters are installed in each dwelling. The heaters provide Domestic Hot Water (DHW) water to all dwellings. The HVAC system is provided with condensing centralizer boiler and hot water radiators. The total normalized cost consumption for DHW and HVAC of every dwellers is about 1.500 €/year.

Retrofit package

Renovation includes upgrades for both external envelope and HVAC system. A pre-fabricated insulation will be installed on the south, east, nord and west façades, while the horizontal surfaces will be insulated with coat of EPS as well as the stairwell. Moreover, all windows will be replaced with double-glazed windows with thermal break. Each dwelling will have a centralized HVAC hybrid system boiler/ air-water heat pump connected to photovoltaic panels to cover the heating demands , and a centralized DHW Hybrid system boiler/solar panels to produce DHW demands.

Façades and heating systems: first challenges for the BuildHeat Consortium

10 Mar 2016 - From 1 to 2 March, the European project BuildHeat held its second meeting in Zaragoza, Spain. The consortium also got the change to visit the demo site, in the Oliver district. Among the various activities organized during the two days, the consortium has participated in a collective initial session to have an overview on the project progress and on Dissemination & Communication activities.  Then, following parallel sessions were planned, focusing on particular ... read more
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