Halfen GmbH

With the company headquarters located in Langenfeld, Germany, HALFEN is one of the leading international companies in the following fields:

• Anchoring technology
• Reinforcement technology
• Framing technology
• Facade fixing technology
• Transport anchor systems
• Tension rod systems

We offer our customers more than 20.000 products and provide the technical solutions for application in construction and industrial projects. Architects and engineers take advantage of our products and our technical software in their projects. Construction companies, precast factories and (distributors / resellers) use our wide selection of products in commercial and residential construction, for civil engineering, excavation projects, for traffic and all types of infrastructure developments. Customers in industry refer to HALFEN for technical solutions in mechanical engineering, vehicle manufacturing, plant engineering, the chemical industry, and also for many other types of industrial projects.

Website: www.halfen.com

Stefano Terletti
Development of anchoring system and joints

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