Links Foundation

LINKS Foundation is a non-profit Institution operating at a national and international level carrying out applied research in the sectors of engineering and architecture, thus focusing both on information and telecommunication and on territorial and environmental sciences.
The Foundation promotes, conducts and strengthens innovation processes and research projects that are of public benefit and that, based on the results of fundamental research carried on in the universities, merged with transversal and multidisciplinary internal skills, can create a socio-economic impact on the territory. This includes the desire to attract talent and professionalism from all over the world, creating a point of reference for applied research and for the enhancement of scientific skills.

LINKS will take advantage of 15 years of background intellectual properties, competences of ISMB and SITI, two institutions well positioned at the European level and within the research community.
The brand new project of LINKS raises new challenges that its 160 employees have been ready to tackle and to make LINKS a center of excellence. LINKS is an interdisciplinary hub built on top of heterogeneous competences of its team made of people from different education, fields and sectors. This heterogeneity of competences is at the base of the innovation process creation and its application to different domains.



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