D6.1 – Report on construction sector

The first part of the document aims to provide an overview on the residential building stock in the EU-28. The aim is to describe the main features of the building stock, including information on the energy uses. The work is completed by a description of the market trends and investment behaviours/opportunities of the EU citizens. After a short overview of the overall situation in Europe, the document details the situation in the six most populous Member States.

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D5.1 – Energy Audits of the Three Demo Cases

The objective of this deliverable is to report on the energy audits of the three demo cases of the project. This activity includes the collection of all relevant data of the three demo buildings regarding the characteristics of the building construction, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) and lighting installed systems, energy uses, user behaviour and national legislation and incentives with the aim of making a comparison before and after the renovation process of the demo buildings.

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