Rete RI.GE.N.E.R.A.

RI.GE.N.E.R.A. Business Network – Regeneration, Management New Energies for Residential and Environment. Established in 2014 according to the Italian Law 99/2009, the Business Network and its members covers the entire supply chain dedicated to the urban regeneration with particular reference to areas included in the consolidated city and suburbs. It is formed by three companies that operates in the field of construction and materials, and by six cooperatives including 4 in the field of social housing 1 in the field of urban planning and 1 in the sector of industrial glassware. The latters have built about 30,000 apartments, since the ’70s up today, all assigned to their members. The main objectives of RIGENERA are:

  • Planning, construction and management of energy services, redevelopment and energy efficiency of residential and non-residential buildings in the context of smart;
  • Promoting the energy efficiency among lodgers and citizens;
  • Participating in research and innovation project.


Stefano Rocchi

Giorgio Scavino
European Technical Assistant

Other partners

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