Sociedad Municipal Zaragoza Vivienda

The council of Zaragoza, through Sociedad Municipal Zaragoza Vivienda S.L.U. manages the municipal policy on housing and urban rehabilitation.

The purpose of Zaragoza- Vivienda is to achieve better efficiency related with the urban rehabilitation, the urbanization of the floor and promote social rent. Also takes special care off the refurbishment of deteriorated urban areas and in obtaining a reduction in selling prices of the buildings.

In the Section of Homes for Rent with 2.400 dwellings, we have several programs: Supervised houses for elderly peopleOffer of houses for young people, Resettling of families.

In the Section of Homes for Sale: promotes Social Housing for the city, with already 600 homes delivered, 256 in process and 696 in preparation for upcoming promotions.

In the Section of Homes for Refurbishment we promote the private refurbishment of the houses to improve the urbanism in the city. We give two types of subsidies: to the building (including general elements) and to the tenant of the flat who is making a private refurbishment to improve the inside of it, in both cases, the actions that involve improvement of energy savings and removing barriers in accessibility have priority.

Paloma Bozman López
Area of Promotion of  Refurbishemnt and European Projects

Elvira López Vallés
Area of Promotion of  Refurbishemnt and European Projects

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