Heir to an entrepreneurial tradition that dates back to 1869 and lasted for five generations, Tecnozenith took on its current name in 1991, with the aim of further enhancing the complex heritage of experience and specialized skills acquired in the areas of system design, system engineering for the industry and the business sector, and telematics applications aimed at the management and control of the systems.

In possession of the CISQ-IQNETISO 9001: 2015 certification, CQOP certificate in the OG11 / IV-OS28 / IV Cat. -OS30 / IV and ESCO since 2015, Tecnozenith operates successfully in the public and private sector, characterized by recognized technical know-how, high professionalism of the structure, high levels of specialization, organizational efficiency, proven reliability.

Tecnozenith is a dynamic and flexible entrepreneurial reality, in constant evolution, distinguished by excellent performance standards and structured to offer “turnkey” solutions of high technical profile and absolute quality, systematically capable of responding, with maximum effectiveness, to the expectations of its customers.

Website: www.tecnozenith.it

Pietro Delgrosso

Lorenzo Civalleri

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