Third BuildHeat Newsletter – August 2018

21 Aug 2018

The project is on its way to terminate its third year of execution. This period marked several technical achievements related to the integration of the heating and cooling solutions we developed to increase energy performance of multi-family houses, reduce their energy consumption and improve the citizens’ wellbeing.

The solution integrating an innovative water storage tank with a decentralised mechanical ventilation unit has been tailored to fit to the design specifications of our demo site in Rome (Italy). In Zaragoza (Spain), where the third demo site of the project is located, the technical challenges encountered in the integration of the single dwelling heat pump with the multi control inverter went hand in hand with their alignment to the Spanish regulatory framework. This required a strong cooperation of the local partners with the local utilities to make the integrated solution compliant with regulation.

The developments related to our multi-functional façade have been under the microscope of the 2018 edition of ICAE Conference in San Sebastián – a very high-level dissemination and networking opportunity for BuildHeat to engage with technical experts and raise awareness on its envelope solution.

Beyond the results of the solutions, BuildHeat partners worked on supporting activities related to both local citizens’ engagement (with a specific focus on the creation of local voluntary neighbourhood groups in Zaragoza) as well as defining the financial mechanisms fostering synergies among single customers, private entities (banks and investment funds) and public institutions (that provide funding opportunities). All the technical and non-technical achievements are now glued together, therefore, paving the way for a successful completion of the project.

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Efficiently yours,
Roberto Fedrizzi
EURAC Research – BuildHeat Project coordinator


Quarter party at Colli Aniene in Rome – Demo Case of BUILDHEAT project

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